Bigger Ideas, Innovation and Design Activation delivered.

Household is an award-winning creative agency building transformative brand experiences that blend experience strategy, innovation and design for modern brands around the world.

Born in 2004, with studios in London and Los Angeles, we are a full-service agency designing immersive 360 brand experiences for businesses that are serious about playing a significant, active role in their customers’ lives. Businesses leading the charge on innovation that makes a difference to customers.

And customers are the key. They expect more from the brands they choose. They want authenticity, desirability, and prize convenience as much as luxury.


Armed with insight, we’re here to transform brand experiences into something special and relevant through our rich mix of strategy, innovation ideas, customer journey and experience design.

The brand stories and experience points of discovery we design, embrace new customer values like learning, playing, personalising, services, and sharing ideas. This is where we add real value to the relationship between a brand and customer.

Through our approach, we bring bigger ideas, innovation and design activation from on-to-offline, from human to physical to digital, from retail into hospitality, and back again. Merging these worlds is the future, and we aim to be at the forefront of it.

‘Household brought energy and ideas to the table. Together we created something fresh and desirable for our guests’

Nick Jones, Founder – Soho House & Co

Our six areas of expertise

Trend | Insight | emotiveye™

We research and analyse market and customer data to form rich insights, opportunities and innovation road maps to underpin direction and vision for brands.

Find out more about our bespoke online customer research tool emotiveye™.

Retail | Brand | Customer Strategy

We define the role of the brand and its potential as a 360 experience, one that is active in the customers’ life and responds with innovation and imagination.

Creative Identity | Storytelling

We design brands with purpose, customer connectivity and relevance, from narrative and naming, through identity and all touchpoints to enhance and optimise the customer experience.

Retail Experience Design

We design from insight. Creating customer journey experiences on-to offline – through physical and digital: environments, communications, services, new products, and people. We design and project manage from concept, through prototype, format development and build, to create, test and scale the experience.

Hospitality | Interior Design

We bring guest journey and retail thinking into the heart of hospitality, designing desirable experiences that blend operational know-how, layout, flow and efficient space planning. We bring a unique aesthetic to each client we work with, creating spaces that can evolve, and entice guests to return to, again and again.

Global Implementation and Production

We work closely with our clients, producers, contractors and construction teams through the lifeline of a project to ensure that the integrity of the design is maintained, and projects are seamlessly managed and produced. Always commercially viable, detailed and delivered at any scale.

The people who make Household

  • Julie Oxberry
    Group CEO
  • Michelle Du-Prât
    Group Strategy Director
  • Andy Revell
    Group Finance Director
  • Ann White
    President, Household USA
  • Paul Bentley
    Managing Director
  • Siu-Lan Choi
    Creative Director
  • Elliot Price
    Creative Director
  • Dan Whetstone
    Account Director
  • Cat Stedman
    Design Director
  • Miranda Porter
    Account Director
  • Thomas Howlett
    Design Director
  • See the rest of our team
  • Mark Humphrey
    Executive Producer USA/Hospitality
  • Sandra Cañabate
  • Kevin Chote
  • Carmel Conway
  • Ria Darai
  • Zara D'Costa
    Insights Researcher
  • Thomas Flint
  • Emily Gasparro
    Studio Manager
  • Lee Hampson
  • Karen Richardson
    PA to the Directors
  • Pratik Vyas
    Brand Experience Strategist

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