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Find out what your customers really want using emotiveye™

emotiveye™ is Household’s bespoke online research platform. Optimised for mobile, it is used to interact with and engage real-people in real-time. We use emotiveye™ to fact-find rich data, bring the customer voice to the table, and springboard into innovative ideas that define future brand experiences.

‘emotiveye™ allowed a wealth of insights to be captured and analysed easily, enabling stakeholders to really immerse themselves in the eyes of the customer and understand the business challenges of different environments.’
Dr Alannah Warner, CTI Lead, Unilever

How is emotiveye™ used?


emotiveye™ research

Capture thoughts, behaviours and emotional responses live in the moment.


Actionable insight

Analyse the results and translate the findings into actionable insights and opportunities


Innovation & vision

Develop proof-pointed innovation ideas for vision roadmap planning

How does emotiveye™ work?


Customers complete tasks and questions with video, pictures and written responses.


You can view responses in real-time, via the live research dashboard and Household researchers can interact with participants 1-2-1 to dig deeper into responses.


We draw out rich insights, formulate support charts and map journeys to springboard vision and action.

How does emotiveye™ work?
‘The best articulation of our business issues from an external consultant I’ve ever heard. We need this to springboard our annual strategic planning’
Shelley Taylor, Asset Manager, Hammerson

When to use emotiveye™?

Adapting retail experience design for customers in new markets
H&M, It’s Pleat case study

Product and experience innovation Road Map, global market benchmarking and customer experience planning workshops
Unilever Soft Ice case study

Enhanced customer experience planning and design through customer journey research
Hammerson case study

When to use emotiveye™?

Get in touch with Michelle at [email protected] to discuss how emotiveye™ can support innovation in your brand experience future planning.