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Retailers going plastic free

Experience Strategy Director Sian Novakovic weighs in on retailers going plastic free, with Retail Design World.

In recent months, largely thanks to Blue Planet’s extensive viewership, single-use plastic has become a hot topic amongst customers and retailers alike. Brands can bolster their sustainability credentials with genuine attempts to minimise harmful packaging and its negative impact on the environment. As retailers such as Iceland and Aldi commit to reducing plastic in stores, this will have a significant impact on both stores and customers.
Sian Novakovic discussed the implications of reduced packaging beyond the shelf saying, “The push for less packaging has huge operational implications behind the scenes and this could have a knock-on effect for store environments.”

It won’t just be brands feeling the impact of these changes, customers’ willingness to accept change and adjust their shopping habits will be a key factor in the successful adoption of reduced-plastic alternatives. “There is a growing trend towards shopping little and often… Encouraging shoppers to bring their own reusable containers would be a big culture shift. It could reduce people’s ability to take impulse-shopping trips, requiring customers to offset their desire for convenience with the need to plan ahead.”
There is a clear environmental advantage to reducing plastic and packaging, but the operational implications need to be addressed. Retailers need to think beyond internal policies of waste reduction and effect wider change to customer shopping habits.
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