Balance Festival 2019
Top 3 Wellness Products

The Insights Team headed to Balance Festival 2019 and picked out their favourite Wellness products showcased this year.

We headed to this year’s Balance Festival for an all-day wellness retreat of workout classes and health focused food. With a plethora of wellness related products on display, both familiar faces and new ones, here are our favourite products showcased at this year’s festival.

1. Sustainable Skincare from UpCircle BeautySustainable beauty brand UpCircle at Balance Festival 2019

This sustainable beauty brand creates soaps and hand creams from waste products that would otherwise end up in landfill. Think coffee grounds salvaged from artisan coffee shops, well brewed chai tea spices and leftover hemp husks from a farm in Oxfordshire. People are looking for products that reflect their values, and brands that promote a circular economy are a win for the conscious consumer, and a win with us too! 

2. Healthy Convenience from Satisfied Snacks
Healthy Snack Brand satisfied snacks at Balance Festival 2019, Household Blog

Our next pick is another sustainable choice. To create Satisfied Snacks Dr Heather Daniell developed an entirely new way to bind together ingredients, eliminating the need for added sugars and starches to keep the snacks as healthy as possible. A convenient way to eat a salad on the go, we love the brightly coloured recyclable packaging.

3. Calming CBD Caffeine from Lifeline Lab Coffee
CBD Wellness brand LifelineLab at Balance Festival 2019, Household Blog

Our final pick is CBD-infused coffee from Lifelinelab. Created to counteract the negative symptoms of caffeine, the brand blends Fair Trade coffee with hemp-derived CBD oil. The drink can be taken to alleviates stress or as a post workout pick-me-up. While the perception of CBD is still evolving in the UK, Lifelanelab the brand wants to remove the stigma of the drug by emphasising its medicinal properties and designs the bottles to resemble a pharmaceutical product.

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