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The BRIGHT BMBR is a new smart jacket that unlocks New York’s hidden creative scene. Users simply scan the jacket’s sleeve, to gain access to a range of perks such as exclusive exhibitions, discounts in restaurants and entrance into bars. Also at the end of the season, the jacket turns into a ticket for the brand’s S/S 2017 fashion show. The jacket retails at $630 and is part of a limited edition run, adding to the exclusivity of the experience.
Household takeout: Customers are not just investing in a jacket, they are investing in a social status and the lifestyle that comes with this. Consider how your brand can add value through products that keep on giving.

The drinks brand is piloting a ‘smart-cup’ using IoT technology to allow people to skip the dreaded bar queue. To order a refill users simply twist the ‘Coco-nect’ cup’s base to alert the bartender who then tracks their location and delivers the drink. The cup provides feedback by vibrating and flashing to indicate the drink’s progress. Malibu also recently released NFC ‘smart’ bottles that customers scan to access promotions.
Household takeout: Ordering a drink with a simple ‘twist’ eases the pain in the drink ordering process. Consider how you can use technology to connect whilst enhancing the service experience and locking in customer loyalty.

Last Tuesday we attended Hardware Pioneer’s ‘Accelerating Internet of Things Innovation’ event. The event explored how companies are using IoT technology to improve customer experiences. It included talks from Tesco Labs, R/GA, Beecham Research and Brinc. Speakers commented on how we already have connected homes and the future will involve innovating towards connected spaces and eventually a connected world.
Household takeout: Build systems that monitor and respond to repeated behaviours rather than one-off needs. The thinking  is then done for customers and repeat purchases are easy.

50% of customers want wearable tech so brands can send them alerts. (Startek, 2015)
Snap Inc are using a pop-up vending machine, the ‘SnapBot’ to sell a limited release of their latest product, Snapchat Spectacles. An online map lets customers see the machine’s next location 24-hours in advance, where it will appear for one day only. Customers are able to virtually try on the three colours before pressing the purchase button to recieve their glasses. This creates a social buzz and customers feel privileged to be in the ‘right-place’ at the ‘right-time’ and able to purchase the product.
Household takeout: Customers see the value in being linked to a brand when they get something back in return. Consider how you can utilise the latest technologies to continually engage customers with worthwhile and beneficial content.

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