A festival of female empowerment

This week, our intern Lydia attended Gurls Talk’s first ever London event.

The free, day-long festival of female empowerment and mental health awareness was a collaboration between Gurls Talk, Coach and Dazed magazine. A far sight from the pervading celebrity culture, Gurls Talk founder Adwoa Aboah spent the morning personally hugging and greeting attendees as they waited in line, a refreshingly human approach to fan engagement.
The event gave young women a safe space to talk openly about mental health, sexuality and self-expression, whilst learning from and collaborating with other women. The festival line-up included talks from female academics, relaxing yoga sessions and a range of craft activities, creating the vibe of a massive girls night in. Above all, the event was an inclusive one, with Grandmas in attendance alongside their teenage granddaughters. The pervading message of positivity and inclusion was also reflected in social media coverage of the event.
The emotional connection attendees had with the Gurls Talk brand indicates its huge potential for expansion beyond the UK. The success of the event illustrates how creating open and accessible experiences forge connections and build a community around a brand.

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