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Black Tomato | Worldwide
The luxury travel provider’s new service, Blink, offers custom tailored travel experiences in unique locations across the globe. The brand works with local experts to create one-of-a-kind itineraries, from an impressive 751,074,508,800 trip combinations. From lodgings to the bathroom products, every aspect of the experience is specified to the guest’s personal preferences – no two trips will ever be the same.
Household Takeout: Customers want to pick and choose where they pay a premium. Tailor offers so customers can flex budgets to meet their experience needs.

Spiritfest | South Africa
Outdoor yoga, music and dance festival replaces nightlife with a drug free, smoke free, child friendly space, promising to keep attendees in high spirits without alcoholic stimulants. Guests are encouraged to reconnect with nature and each other, while enjoying talks, wellness activities and vegan food. Dance parties end at 10pm, allowing attendees to rest well before early morning yoga the next day.
Household Takeout: Mindful drinking is an emerging mindset, with only 2 in 10 trendsetters needing alcohol to socialise. People want new ways to connect and are looking to brands to facilitate this.

Zoku | Netherlands
Apartment meets hotel complex targets long stay guests, with communal spaces, a coliving philosophy and discounts for longer visits. A 24 hour Everything Store replaces traditional room service, while Sidekicks and a Community Manager provide local tips and organise community events. The brand hopes to enter the British market this year, with a 122-bedroom apart-hotel planned for the Shudehill area in Manchester.
Household Takeout: Longer term guests want more than a mini fridge. Guests will look to trusted brands to provide convenient grocery services as new spaces appear.

94%  are likely to be loyal to brands that offer complete transparency.
(Label Insight, 2017)
Kabaq | US
AR food menu app enhances the diner’s decisions, with photo realistic virtual 3D previews of each meal on their plate. The Kabaq app will give guests ingredient information and portion sizes at a glance, equipping diners to make more informed dining choices. The start up has partnered with 15 restaurants so far.
Household Takeout: Visual aids offer greater transparency, however unnecessary tech will undercut the theatre and surprise of the experience. Successful implementation would require careful consideration of brand and setting.
Images courtesy of Black Tomato, Jack Bruniquel, Zoku and Kabaq

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