Clerkenwell Design Week top picks

Innovation and inspiration to kick start your week

Renault are continuing their sponsorship of Clerkenwell Design Week, showcasing their latest fleet of all-electric cars in full glory. Attendees could hitch a lift in one of the ‘Twizys’ that were travelling the streets of Clerkenwell, transporting people around the show for free. Whilst on their trip, passengers were educated on the car by knowledgeable drivers, adding value to the experience.
Household takeout: Knowledgeable staff make the experience come to life for potential customers and encourage social media posts to #twizy for global reach.

Both ‘Tii Pii’ and ‘Buzzi Space’ gave visitors a chance to rest their feet, creating an ambient experience for all to enjoy. ‘Tii Pii’ reimagines furnishings to be both functional and fun as a new sustainable way of experiencing the outdoors. Designed to benefit office workers, ‘Buzzi Space’ breaks traditional workplace convention, encouraging connections in new social spaces for relationship-building and relaxation.
Household takeout: Create innovative social spaces that tempt customers in, encouraging them to relax and develop new connections whilst increasing dwell time.

Bang & Olufsen launched their new revolutionary speaker system in an immersive exhibition. The space guides visitors through multiple rooms with a playlist on throughout. Striking and simple light features are used to display the speakers and encourage visitors to focus on the simplicity of use. The installation design is anchored in everyday scenarios to feel accessible and easy to implement to potential customers.
Household takeout: Bold visual cues without copy text put the focus on the sound expression. The simplicity of the space encourages visitors to share their reaction to the new product to the brand staff on site, which is fed back to the design team.

User-generated content is more ‘memorable’ by up to 35% – Mashable, 2016
Double Vision is a double panelled structure running along Clerkenwell Close, created by flooring company Hakwood. Visitors stumble upon this piece while walking through the exhibition route, creating an uplifting moment celebrating pattern and form. The installation disrupts the natural path of vision, stopping people in their tracks and creating a perfect Instagram moment.
Household takeout: Plant well-designed features as surprise discoveries in your customer journey to encourage passersby to share the moment socially.

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