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IKEA celebrated 25 years in the UAE with a pavilion filling an atrium at Dubai Design Week. The ‘[email protected]’ exhibition illustrated their 50 year history and purpose of making a good lifestyle accessible for all. Product displays demonstrate living solutions for an informative yet shoppable space. This is one of many ‘shoppable spaces’ IKEA have recently created including their Dining Club pop-up and The Ikea Hotell.
Household takeout: IKEA have made good design available to the masses as they first understood the hopes and dreams people had for their homes and then applied these to the shopping experience. Share your story and purpose in store and beyond to demonstrate that living better is achievable.

The Japanese ramen chain famous for serving one kind of noodle soup has opened in New York. The restaurant is traditionally for solo diners with ‘library-style’ booths where customers fill in an order form to specify their flavour preferences. Servers are also hidden behind the booth’s barriers as the restaurant aims to strip the meal of all distractions for pure food focus.  To accommodate Western dining habits, the New York branch includes a separate group seating area for diners in a more social mood.
Household takeout: Eating out is not always a social occasion and customers often appreciate lone down-time. Remove the distractions from your offer to allow customers to appreciate the product itself and take some time out.

58% of Londoners regularly use their work address for personal online orders (Barclaycard, 2016)
Argent, the functional women’s workwear brand with attitude has moved from online to office, setting up shop in a WeWork co-working space. The fashion-retailer is using WeWork’s San Francisco offices as a base for their retail operations. This gives the brand a physical presence in which they aim to empower working women, by bringing stylish workwear to their workspace whilst also hosting events.
Household takeout: In our always-on society, customers want an effortless shopping experience on their own terms. Integrating retail into your target customer’s existing routine where the competition is not yet present can allow an innovator to gain share quickly.

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