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Reformation | US
Inspired by Apple’s stripped back stores, the fashion brand limits displays to a curated selection of the most popular looks. Customers can use screens to browse additional stock and select styles and sizes to try. Outfits are delivered to a wardrobe in your changing room where customers can personalise the music and lighting.
Household takeout: Introducing tech to offer self service with personalised shopping cues will allow staff to focus on the customer rather than manual tasks like organising shop floor stock.

Henn na | Japan
Struggling to find employees in an aging society, the Japanese hotel turned to robots to fill the labour gap. The brand aims to achieve the ultimate in efficiency while adding fun to guests’ stays. The robots’ customer service skills are basic as yet, nevertheless the hotel has a 90 per cent occupancy rate.
Household takeout: Brands can embrace AI technology in assistants that don’t replicate a humans or robots, using the opportunity to reflect the brand personality in a fun and unique way.

2018’s Big Show at NRF showcased brands confident that the retail experience, with the right collection of technology, has the power to transform a brand’s relationship with its guest.
In a society seeking shareable experiences, social retail puts the customer centre stage. This new phase is about using brand experience design to activate moments that get people involved. The brand lives at the intersection of tech and retail, so social media and community involvement will be key. The Museum of Ice Cream, expecting 1.5m visitors this year, built a buzz entirely from authentic social shares.

Next Health | US
$3BN AR/VR investment in 2017. (Digi-Capital, 2018)
A new wellness destination in the Century City Mall, LA, uses tech to help customers feel at ease, with VR headsets providing escapism to patients receiving IV vitamin treatment and  headphones personalising music during Cryotherapy.
Household takeout: Think beyond your category to build in services that minimise pain points in the customer journey. A relevant use of technology is often welcomed in non-tech categories and can help set your brand experience apart.
Images courtesy of Reformation, Henn na, Forbes and Heart of Cool.

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