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Adidas’ new store ‘Adidas Knit’ in Berlin enables customers to create custom knit sweaters on the spot with the help of smart gadgets.  Once the design has been configurated, it will be projected onto the customer for final pattern selection and then created by state-of-the-art knitting machines in 4 hours. The store embodies the brand’s mission to create ‘the best products, best service and best experiences for customers’, putting customers at the heart and focusing on 1-1 service.
Household takeout: This immersive co-creation experience allows customers to witness each step of the production of their sweater, fully realising the value and expertise inbued in the final personalised product.

Zalando has secured rapper A$AP Rocky as the face of its new campaign to win over Millennial and Gen Z customers. Called ‘Remix Fashion’, Zalando and A$AP have created a short movie that’s part music video and part fashion film. The video features a group of models arriving at the ‘A$AP Hotel’, each staying in a room that reflects their personal style. Their suitcases have been swapped out for new Zalando looks – encouraging the idea that budget doesn’t have to limit a sense of style.
Household takeout: Value-adding experiences don’t just need to be physical. Beyond the promo video, this influencer tie-up is adapted for the website to immerse customers with look-inspirations and rejuvenate their shopping journey.

89% of brands compete mainly on customer experience. (SuperOffice, 2017)
Nike has created an ethereal, Tron-like experience for its indoor Run Club, enabling customers to keep fit without inhaling outdoor pollution on the busy streets of Shanghai. Treadmills are situated within pod-like running terminals with screens immersing participants in views of the streets outside and personalising their running experience. To add a competitive element and encourage others to participate, screens outside of the hub display the progress of each participant. Nike aims to enable athletes of all abilities to reach their full potential, and provide an outlet to put new gear to the test.
Household takeout: It’s a smart investment to figure out exactly what bothers your target customer most, where here the issue is air pollution. It’s then hugely compelling to tackle these and create holistic product experiences that drive value on many levels.

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