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Footlocker have integrated an audio ‘sneaker guide’ into stores across the US, creating an immersive museum-like experience. The ‘Behind The Sneaker’ stories include narration from famous athletes and cultural influencers. Customers use their phones to access the audio-content through codes attached to each product. The in-store signage prompts interaction with the content and encourages customers to self-explore the space. Treating each product as a work of art with its own story adds value and makes each shoe feel more meaningful.
Household takeout: Maximising the value of influencers in store creates a destination for ‘sneaker-fanatics’, while inspirational touchpoints allow customers to pave their own individual journey through the store.

Air France have collaborated with Adidas and streetwear retailer Citadium in a campaign promoting their ‘Hop!’ Youth Pass. The airline is giving away 300 of these passes with purchases of Adidas’s latest trainer, however there’s a catch. Only one of the shoes will be sent to the youth, incentivising them to travel back home to collect the other one and ultimately visit their parents. An online video taps into the emotion parents might be feeling from having their grown-up children leave again after being home for the Christmas holidays.
Household takeout: This expertly timed campaign taps into the emotion of the parents, encouraging them to gift the shoes to their children, rather than targeting the end customer directly. Lighthearted yet impactful storytelling encourages customers to share their experiences and raises awareness.

2x more sales generated when customers share a brand’s message. 
(7th Chamber, 2017)
Harvey Nichols has launched a five-week content series that searches for the ‘Holy Grail’ across five cosmetic categories with help from a range of expert influencer ambassadors. The beauty mavens will test, rate and evaluate the best products on the market to track down the perfect red lipstick, mascara, foundation, applicators and eyeshadow palette. The retailer has recognised that the beauty industry is filled with a seemingly overwhelming amount of choices that is confusing to navigate. Rather than listening to the brand’s advertising, customers trust most the recommendation of their peers.
Household takeout: Bringing in a relatable expert voice is an opportunity to enable customers to test out products through a personable proxy, leading to much higher confidence when purchasing and increasing peer-to-peer sharing.

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