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Edible moments in unexpected sectors

Unpacking this month's trending theme from the world of Food Retail

Glossier | US
Cult beauty brand Glossier has taken over a local San Francisco café for its latest pop up, that is of course totally instagrammable. The space, focused on trial, stands out as more than a branded café with an unlikely combination that actually makes sense. Customers are invited to trial products such as lipsticks before tucking into top menu items and truly testing product wear.
Household takeout: Think outside of the box when it comes to brand partnerships. Use food offers to increase dwell time and encourage real-life product discovery experiences.

V&A Museum of Childhood | UK
The Museum of Childhood encouraged kids to play with their food in educational experience that tackled fussy-eating habits. The exhibition had edible posters and was made entirely from fruit and vegetables. Kids invented their own healthy food creations, such as glow in the dark carrot ice-cream, that were then recreated in real life by Bompas & Parr.
Household takeout: Customers are increasingly looking to brands to play a guiding role in their health. Tackle existing habits with engaging events that make health fun and spur on lifestyle changes.

Espoir | South Korea
The Korean beauty brand’s first self-service store encourages customers to test and buy their own products, veering away from service-heavy environments. To encourage self-service the concept store borrows cues from a supermarket with market-like displays, make-up tools displayed like kitchen equipment and a ‘tasting’ zone for product testing.
Household takeout: When introducing new service models, brands can look to other sectors for inspiration, however well thought out execution will be key to success.

IKEA’s Space 10 | Denmark
70% increase in world’s demand for food in the next 25 years (UN, 2018)
IKEA’s innovation lab Space10 has moved beyond meatballs with its latest concept dishes from the Bug Burger to Microgreen Icecream. The five dishes explore the potential future of nutrition in response to the predicted food crisis. Alternative creations challenge current perceptions of food such as the veggie-based Dogless Hotdog that contains more protein than a regular hotdog thanks to its spirulina bun.
Household takeout: Challenge existing customer tastes with products or experiences that spike interest and stand out among a sea of F&B options.
Images courtesy of PChang, Eater, Rob Flowers, Espoir and Kasper Kristoffersen

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