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Lolli & Pops | US
The sweet store chain, known for its thoughtfulness and high standard of hospitality, plans to boost customer service further via facial recognition technology. Once customers have registered online, staff can access their name, past purchases and preferences, enabling ultra personalised service in store.
Household Takeout: Forget loyalty cards and screen-overload seamlessly offered by staff, informed by real-time customer preferences and data.

Algramo | Chile
The social enterprise’s dispensing system aims to reduce packaging waste, allowing customers to fill small reusable containers with any product. Designed for developing countries, where recycling infrastructure is limited and affordability is key, the system is already installed in 1,200 stores and recently won the Circular Design Challenge at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
Household Takeout: Brands that meet market needs and customer purchase priorities, whilst will ethically, set themselves apart.

PawnGuru X FoodFinder | US
Pawn shop comparison site, PawnGuru, has partnered with Food Finder app directing customers to the food-pantry locating app from their website. This has resulted in a 500 per cent increase in traffic for Food Finder, tackling food insecurity across the US.
Household Takeout: Give a helping hand to both your customer and partner brands with similar values to serve the most food insecure who currently are under-served.

91% of the UK is adopting a flexitarian approach to eating. (Sainsbury’s, 2018)
Tesco & Sainsbury’s | UK
As demand for vegetarian options and meat alternatives grows, two of the UK’s largest supermarkets have taken notice, both launching own-label vegan ranges. Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen includes 20 items, from sandwiches to ready meals, whilst Sainsbury’s gets inventive with recipe ingredients including shroomdogs and BBQ pulled jackfruit.
Household Takeout: ‘Niche’ customer groups may not be as small as you think. New products and services that tap into shifting customer lifestyles can position a brand as on-the-pulse and responsive.
Images courtesy of Lucy & Lentils, Lolli & Pops – Jonathan Ivy, Revista Emprende, Regional Food Bank, Wallflower Kitchen

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