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Unpacking this month's trending theme from the world of Food Retail

AHA | Iceland
Hexacopter drones fly goods across the North Atlantic bay in Reykjavík, reducing half hour delivery times to mere minutes of flight. The drones can transport up to 3kg for six miles, perfect for shipping on demand goods from burgers to beer, along the small Icelandic delivery route. Initially, the service will use humans for the final delivery step, but by the end of 2017 deliveries will go direct to customers’ homes.
Household takeout: Opportunity for retailers and brands in other markets to have the first mover advantage in offering this new delivery service. Particularly useful to cater to remote Highland and Island communities.

Pido | South Korea
This green initiative marries the bike share concept with urban farming, to address the lack of space in cities to grow produce. The solar powered farm consists of a triangular steel framework placed upon two interconnected bicycles. Different bicycles can slot into the structure, enabling community members to attach their own bikes to the frame.
Household takeout: Win-win partnerships between existing recycling facilities and supermarkets both incentivise recycling and encourage trips into store.

Wasteless | US
A machine-learning and real-time tracking system by US start-up, Wasteless, adjusts grocery prices according to product freshness. The closer to expiration date, the cheaper the products are. This allows customers to choose products which best suit their needs, whether they prioritise price or shelf life. The system also monitors stock levels, ensuring that customers’ favourite items are never out of stock.
Household takeout: Catering to varying customer lifestyle needs broadens brand relevance. Use dynamic pricing to appeal to a wider demographic while reducing operational costs.

Walmart | US
49% of parents state they could not live without online shopping.
(Big Commerce, 2017)
Walmart teamed up with Google to offer a voice activated hands free shopping service. Customers order groceries using Google Home speakers, enabling convenient produce replenishment that does not disrupt daily life and providing a break from staring at screens.
Household takeout: Unobtrusive, convenient services that seamlessly blend into home living provide a way for brands to play a powerful role in people’s homes – a win-win.

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