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Owning more of the journey

Unpacking this month's trending theme from the world of Food Retail

BrewDog | UK
Craft beer brand BrewDog will open a branded hotel next door to their brewery in Ellon, Scotland. Creating next level immersion into the brand’s world and tapping into the lucrative hospitality space to become a destination. With sales up 93% YOY (Nielsen, 2017) and many fans already taking brew-motivated pilgrimages to the site, the hotel will place the brand at the centre of visitors’ trips and minds.
Household Takeout: As brands grow internationally, building a stronger home-roots story can grow appeal and boost customer advocacy turning fans into super-fans.

PepsiCo | US
In response to declining soda sales PepsiCo has launched a new beverage, Drinkfinity. Customers choose from a variety of flavour pods, including ‘Mango Chia Flow’, inserting these into the brand’s refillable water bottle to pop the capsule and release the flavour. The product addresses multiple lifestyle trends, including the push for healthier living, concern for plastic consumption, and desire to ‘create my own’.
Household Takeout: Respond to rapidly changing lifestyle preferences, whether through product innovation or adapting the customer experience to give over more control.

IBM | Worldwide
Customer calls for transparency may finally be answered with the implementation of blockchain technology in supermarkets to trace product origin and supply chain information. JD.com are using blockchain tech in China, while IBM is working with Walmart and Kroger Co in the US. The record tracing system has the potential to revolutionise food safety and potential recalls.
Household Takeout: Harness tech to improve internal logistics, and inform customers as to where their food comes from and has been.

UberEats | US
+ 24x trips by UberEats globally YOY (New York Times, 2017)
In a fiercely competitive food delivery market, UberEats acquired chef David Chang’s food-delivery start up Ando. The NYC service is known for its recipe development, ensuring food is as-good, if not better, once delivered, addressing the main barrier to ordering takeaway food. Uber’s acquisition suggests the delivery service plans to move into food creation too, similar to Deliveroo’s Dark Kitchens.
Household Takeout: Brands that acknowledge and learn from others’ expertise can expand beyond their core business to own more of the product value chain.

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