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Unpacking this month's trending theme from the world of Food Retail

Eataly | Italy
Opening this November, food themed experiences stretching across 20 acres in Bologna allow customers to see how their food is grown and made. Eataly‘s theme park democratises education and entertainment, offering free entry to an anticipated 6 million visitors each year. Guests can enjoy a range of interactive workshops, 40 different dining locations, masterchef-taught cooking classes and a hydroponic vegetable garden.
Household takeout: Wrapping fun activities for the family around a food offer elevates the brand from a functional meal time provider to the ultimate lifestyle brand, loved and shared.

Widkale | US
Food delivery company, Wildkale, is rethinking the farmers market, using UPS to ship produce directly from farm to customer. Farmers post their wares on the online market place and customers search via zip code to find suppliers nearby. Produce can then be prepared for overnight delivery.
Household takeout: Alternative distribution methods save the customer time whilst widening a brand’s reach. A model to watch, as if successful it will push supermarkets harder to deliver added value.

CMV | Norway
A vegan-only cruise by CMV offers a plant-based menu, with breakfast buffets and dinners paired with local, organic wines. The cruise also features a programme of exercise classes and activities ranging from ethical cheese making to home toothpaste making classes to encourage a zero-waste lifestyle. Children are also allowed on board, a diversion from the company’s usual policy.
Household takeout: By identifying markets that are under-catered for, brands can nurture a niche community with a tailor-made offer and services.

Hellmans | UK
Hellmann’s is selling direct to the customer with their new delivery app. Customers can choose a recipe featuring a Hellmann’s ingredient and have the necessary items delivered within the hour. The app targets time-poor city dwellers with a growing preference for top-up shopping and experimentation.
Household takeout: Selling straight to the customer will forge a stronger brand-customer connection, raising the brand profile while providing a convenient service.

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