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Unpacking this month's trending theme from the world of Food Retail.

Aswaaq | Dubai
All-encompassing app acts as shoppers’ personal assistant, guiding them to their chosen items along the most convenient route. The personalised service will provide instant promotions based on shopping preferences, compare products to highlight the healthiest options and even offer games to liven up the shopping experience.
Household Takeout: Making shopping both enjoyable and efficient will encourage customers to return.

Borough Market | UK
Market stall festival showcases cutting edge food tech companies, ranging from algae based fish oil replacements to face masks made from unwanted hemp husks. Many of the sustainable products on offer have never been experienced in the country before. The free event seeks to normalise the industry’s innovations by letting customers see and experience first hand.
Household Takeout: Broaden the customer base by democratising access to cutting edge products and demystifying unusual items.

Walmart | US
Robots have been moved from the warehouse into the heart of the store, where they will sit charging until given a mission from the human staff.
The robots audit stores, conducting repeatable, manual tasks, from checking inventory and prices to noting misplaced items. The data they collect will allow the brand to improve efficiency in stores nationwide.
Household Takeout: Using robots to take on time consuming tasks, will free up human staff to focus on customer service, balancing high tech convenience with the personal touch.

Macallan | UK
73% agree that restaurant technology improves the guest experience. (Toast, 2017)
‘The Macallan Rare Journey’ whisks guests away on a virtual journey of discovery, to the Macallan distillery, enhancing the cocktail tasting experience. Diners are served exclusive whisky-based cocktails on a moss covered wooden tray, mingling the smell of the forests where the whisky casks are sourced, with the scent of scotch and sherry.
Household Takeout: Supporting VR with reality based sensory experiences, will complement the food without distracting from the main offer.
Images courtesy of Smart Cities World, Evening Standard, Walmart and Bottle & Baptiste

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