Google peaks our curiosity

Google’s month-long Curiosity Rooms pop-up invites passers-by into the curious world of the brand’s latest smartphone, the Pixel 3. The Regent Street location makes the most of Christmas crowds, intriguing passers-by with interactive window experiences and a promise of the perfect selfie.

Visitors are free to map their own journey, navigating their way around the three-floor space with signposts.  Entrances flow into the most product-centric space, with plenty of the Google Pixels on display to test and try, as well as staff on hand to answer any questions. Staff demeanour was friendly and informative without being too salesy.

The pace changes as you explore the space. Visitors can dip into various ‘bitesized’ experiences such as the ‘All-in Auto Wash’ or ‘The Grotto’, both of which showcase the latest camera features on the Pixel 3. The range of experiences keep people engaged and largely manage the flow of crowds, despite the occasional queue, where more could be done to entertain those waiting.

There were plenty of spaces to dwell, including a tea-room, café and informal seating spread throughout. And for a more extended visit, an exclusive space downstairs hosted various talks and events over the month, all aligning with the themes of health, mindfulness and millennial lifestyles. Most events were sell-outs and acted as a great tool to drive footfall into the space and reaffirm Google’s cultural relevancy amid a younger audience.

Even without tickets to an event there was plenty to keep visitors occupied. Beyond Pixel-centric experiences, people could discover local brands in rotating ‘Makers Workshop’ shop-in-shops. A family friendly space included a kids’ play area with a giant slide leading downstairs, encouraging visitors of all ages to play and stay curious.

Deals exclusive to the Curiosity Rooms worked to convert more purchases on-the-day of visit, however the actual purchase experience was tucked away. Run by Carphone Warehouse the transaction was fairly no frills but with one playful twist – spin the wheel to win various prizes, from a gingerbread and cup of tea, to a Google Home.

The immersive and engaging space, clearly designed to tempt and convert disgruntled Apple users, succeeded in selling Google as a viable alternative and strong lifestyle-brand contender.

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