H&M Home brings Instagrammable interiors to Regent Street

Insights Researcher Zara D’Costa reviews the new H&M Home concept store on Regent Street, London.

Yesterday was #LeaveTheOfficeEarly day, so we left our desks at 4pm to go and explore some of the latest London retail openings. Eager to see the it’s:PLEAT cafe from our friends at H&M, the recently opened H&M home concept store was the first stop on our list.

H&M’s Home store is fast fashion’s answer to interior décor; the place to get your on-trend home rather than staples. The store’s sleek Scandi inspired interior is an appropriate setting for the curated range of on-trend, own-brand homeware. The Instagram ready-aesthetic and lifestyle-orientated product merchandising, matched with an array of affordable prices, makes the store feel like an aspirational yet attainable living space.

Typical to most homeware stores, the products are showcased in a showroom format, encouraging exploration while also inspiring customers. Highlights of the retail experience included buying flowers from Bunches florist and grabbing a bite to eat at the Instagrammable its: PLEAT cafe.

What we loved most in-store were the additional services offered; a hotel style concierge bell at the service counter and service menus dotted around the store are fun touches. Customers are able to take advantage of product-related services such as personal shopping, home delivery and online purchase in store.

H&M has also provided services that consider customer’s needs beyond product, and we took full advantage of the phone charging service! Although, the surprise and unpreparedness of the staff suggests that most customers don’t make use of these additional services.

H&M is at the forefront of creating brand experiences that meet the growing expectations of customers wanting more than to just buy a product. We were particularly impressed with the H&M fashion store in Hammersmith, as service elements such as customisation stations were integrated into the store design.

H&M Home has the recipe for retail success, with its stylish product range and complimentary services. Nevertheless, the store on Regent Street could still go further towards placing experience at the heart of the store, and truly integrating value-added services into the customer journey.

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