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Anatome | UK
The all encompassing wellness destination offers everything from protein supplements and high end exercise gear to essential oils and freshly made juices. The space is designed as an antidote to city stress, with an emphasis on natural materials and pressure-free service. Experts are on hand for drop in advice or can be booked for private nutritionist appointments.
Household takeout: Tailoring service to customers’ life goals, the brand goes beyond fitness to cater to emotional wellbeing, tapping into the self-improvement trend we call Betterment.

Lydian | US
The dental subscription service’s RV style clinics add fun and convenience to dental care. Taking inspiration from out of sector, the brand uses hospitality cues, from the front porch welcome to the lawn chairs outside, transforming a healthcare transaction into an enjoyable experience.
Household takeout: Brands like Lydian are selling wellness subscriptions to employers, not just individuals, creating a working culture of self-improvement and lifestyle-focused benefits.

Creative Director Gareth Rutter joined Transform Magazine to discuss the convergence of retail and hospitality. As Gareth explained, Household uses insight-led research to understand how people want to engage with brands and how this is redefining their shopping habits.
We are seeing service become a make-or-break aspect of brand experience. Retail brands are entering the hospitality sector and providing curated journeys that let guests explore and interact with the brand, up close and personal.

The Breakers
82 per cent of travel expers say guest priority is maintaining wellness goals. (PSFK, 2018)
The Palm Beach hotel supports its workers with a wide range of wellbeing services, from personal training and biometric screenings, to flexible time off and low cost child care. 95 per cent of employees participate in the wellness program and the hotel’s staff turnover rate is half the overall industry rate.
Household takeout: Rather than promoting a culture of wellness for guests only, the brand embeds wellness within the work place culture, making a lasting difference to employees’ lives and the experience of the hotel as a whole.
Images courtesy of Anatome, Lydian Dentail, Unsplash and Thinkstock.

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