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KLM | South Korea
Patients at Wonju Severance Christian Hospital in Seoul had the opportunity to explore the world without even leaving the hospital. The children were able to experience sights from the Eiffel Tower to the canals of Amsterdam through a 360 VR viewer on the hospital roof, providing momentary respite from hospital-life.
Household takeout: VR raises new opportunities for travel and tourism to open up the world. Embrace new tech to broaden accessibility, using virtual escapism to transcend physical limitations.

Ganja Godess Getaway | US
For glamping with a difference guests are checking in to this womens-only cannabis retreat. Here they are encouraged to celebrate self-love and break down inhibitions through activities from yoga, to hiking and of course, ‘lighting-up’ around the campfire. Guests go on a journey of self-discovery whilst learning about health benefits and responsible consumption.
Household takeout: People are looking for alternative methods of escape. Brands can build communities to provide a welcome relief from day to day pressures.

Infinity House Retreat | UK
24m VR headsets to be sold in 2018 (CCS Insight, 2017)
A new online platform is reinventing wellness with a virtual sanctuary wellness retreat. The on-demand experience offers yoga, meditation lessons and educational sessions on hypnotherapy and healthy eating. It intends to improve users’ lives however, heavy technology use is linked to fatigue and stress, indicating the necessity for respite from digital devices. With the rise of virtual experiences customers will look to brands to help them find the right balance.
Household takeout: As more people own VR headsets for in home use they will be hungry for this content. Destination brands can broaden their reach with short and immersive experiences.

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