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Google has relaunched its exploration platform Google Earth, coinciding with World Earth Day so users can ‘connect to something bigger than ourselves’. New additional features include a 3D button to view a range of locations in 3D. It also includes a knowledge card so users can learn the history of various worldwide locations and share a postcard of their view with friends and family.
Household takeout: By connecting people to previously unknown locations, Google makes exploration into new areas possible. Engaging yet educational content gives customers access to a wealth of knowledge to pave their own journey of discovery.

The global pop-up industry is worth $50 billion. (PopUp Republic, 2017)
Health and food blogger Ella Mills has opened a ‘Deliciously Ella’ pop-up deli and garden in Broadgate, London, serving salads, stews, smoothies and cakes. The design represents a picturesque British market garden and visitors can pick their own seasonal produce, including fresh herbs, edible flowers and vegetables. The food offer reflects the Deliciously Ella philosophy of ‘honest, simple and natural ingredients’. Also the location right in The City looks to target busy Londoners and encourage them to rethink their attitudes towards healthy eating.
Household takeout: The placement of this inner-city garden stimulates the imagination for those who stumble upon it. Harness the power of pop-ups to reach new audiences, spur conversation and raise awareness of your brand’s ethos and purpose.

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