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The app GOAT which acts as the middleman between buyers and sellers of collectable trainers, has just received $25 million funding to expand. The app uses a ‘ship to verify model’ so that sellers ship their trainers to GOAT post-purchase to be verified before dispatched, combating sneaker-fakes and connecting customers who care about collectible trainers.
Household takeout: Sneakerheads will do anything to get the latest release and GOAT is capitalising on this emerging resale culture. A similar concept by Hooked Trainers is coming to Boxpark Shoreditch 9th–14th May –both a buying and selling space celebrating community and access.

This new ‘in-home communication tool’ reduces the hassle associated with calling loved ones far away. The robot includes a video display and camera for hands-free video chatting. The caller controls the robot’s movements online, deciding where it goes and what it looks at. Although it may seem like ‘Skype-on-wheels’, a crowdfunding campaign has raised 124 per cent of its target, appealing in particular to elderly people living alone.
Household takeout: By mimicking natural behavioural traits, this new tech aims to humanise robot-human interactions. Retirement communities are becoming ideal testing grounds for new tech which facilitates independent living and helps close the care gap.

2/3of us think we’re open minded, but most social feeds aren’t diverse
(Kind Foundation, 2017)
After a whirlwind 2016, healthy snack brand KIND are looking to spread a little kindness and encourage new connections. Their latest campaign “Pop your bubble” uses a Facebook add-on to encourage customers to move out of their usual ‘social spheres’. The app will add new perspectives and differing opinions into users’ existing Facebook feeds, to challenge users’ ideologies so that our social channels do not become a loop of similar opinions reinforcing biases.
Household takeout: KIND’s campaign gets people thinking and prompts open-mindedness. What positive message does you brand stand for that connects in a meaningful way?

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