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Google | UK
This week, Household dropped by Manchester’s Google Garage, a space where anyone can come to learn digital skills. The training centre will run all year, building on the brand purpose of making knowledge universally accessible, while helping locals further their careers with free workshops and face-to-face coaching sessions.
Household takeout: Customers want brands to invest in all areas of their lives. Interactive learning spaces at the front of stores draw people in off the street to find out more about how the brand can better their lives.

Unicef | Worldwide
With most donors aged over 50, the charity is appealing to the gaming community in a push for new benefactors. The Game Chaingers initiative encourages anyone with a powerful graphics card to generate Ethereum and donate it directly to the Unicef e-wallet. This scheme enables people to be a force for change, without appealing for cash.
Household takeout: Millennials and GenZ want to influence society through their  actions and purchases. Identifying barriers to brand engagement will reveal genuinely fun ways to engage.

This week, Brand Strategy Director Geoff Wilson, joined MyCustomer to discuss the current limitations of using voice assistants in a customer service role. Geoff explored the challenge of finding the best balance of human and machine for each retail scenario. The state of voice tech today demands a considered approach to tech implementation and the selective use of voice assistants, in appropriate contexts, in conjunction with staff.

MegaX | Singapore
The online retail platform runs via cryptocurrency, selling products intended to appeal to tech savvy customers, from VR systems to new smart phones. The brand will also organise offline events, such as artisanal markets, to increase shopper loyalty. The brand raised $2.5 million for the initial launch, illustrating customer interest in the platform.
Household takeout: While cryptocurrencies are volatile, building an offer around a community of like-minded spenders can strengthen following and increase engagement, with an eye to future growth.

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