Brands leading in times of need

In our Hotlist, we explore how global brands are standing up, taking incredible actions to support their customers in times of need

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has radically affected the way we are living our lives. Across the world, we’ve seen panic buying in the masses, people self-isolating, and the healthcare industry stretched like never before. All of which has made us more anxious, worried and scared. In these scary and unsure times, brands are looking to help customers, offering reassurance and guidance to bring positivity to the crisis.


1. Inspiring Global Teams

Helping communities in times of isolation

In this confusing time, Nike’s latest marketing campaign asks its customers to act in the interest of the wider community, remembering the importance of togetherness. Its latest message is for customers to become global players, encouraging them to stay at home to ‘play for the world’. Not only this, the brand is pledging $15 million to Covid-19 response efforts.

Household takeout: We expect brands to be more empathetic and inspiring in their messaging and comms to customers, communicating the benefits of acting for the greater good.

Image courtesy of Nike Twitter


2. Protecting the Vulnerable

Giving hotel rooms to people who need them

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) are working with the UK Government to protect rough sleepers in London against the ongoing spread of Covid-19. The international hotel group block-booked 300 rooms in two hotels in London for the next 12 weeks, providing vital protection and a space for self-isolation for those who need it more now than ever.

Household takeout: As hotel rooms become more available during the crisis, we will see brands optimise underused urban spaces to help those in need.

Image courtesy of IHG Hotels


3. Protecting the Protectors

Standing up to help those on the front line

New Balance has announced that it is focusing it’s efforts to create positive change and protect those who are on the front line. The American footwear brand has offered to use its expertise and resources to create protective masks for hospitals in the USA so they have what they need to fight the virus.

Household takeout: With the power and influence global brands have, we will see more retailers re-purposing their factories and supply chain to help support countries in need. This will have a long-term effect, with brands looking to diversify their offering to give back to communities who have supported them

Image courtesy of New Balance


4. Help for the Mind

Making sure customers feel safe in isolation

Snapchat is rolling out the ‘Here For You’ initiative early on its app to help combat anxiety and depression users’ may face during the pandemic. The service surfaces content and resources provided by mental health experts when customers search mental health terms such as depression, bullying or anxiety

Household takeout: We expect to see digital brands taking bigger strides to support customers mental health, as we engage more with digital technology at home during isolation.

Image courtesy of The Verge


5. Feeding the Community

Ensuring communities have access to meals

Canlis Restaurant in Seattle has been forced to close its doors in light of the rise of Covid-19. However, instead of closing down completely, the restaurant is re-inventing itself, turning it’s fine dining kitchen into convenience food on go pop-up formats. These include a bagel shop, a drive-through burger joint, and a “family meal” delivery service, all offering grab and go food, with little human contact.

Household takeout: We will see more F&B brands continue to look at how they can re-invent their closing restaurants, kitchen spaces and product offerings to meet the increasing customer demand for fresh pre-prepped and ready to eat meals.

Image courtesy of Esquire

Title image courtesy of @SheilaEdrummer, Twitter


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