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Unspun | Hong Kong
Pop up shop puts individual uniqueness at the centre, greeting customers with a drink and a personal chat. The made to measure jeans, costing £150 a pair, are designed using a 3D imaging process that collects data from 100,000 points in under a minute. The jeans take mere days to create and the tech has the potential to expand into a full tailoring service.
Household takeout: Finding jeans that fit is notoriously challenging, thus customers will pass over intensely personal data if the result is worth it and the price point is affordable.

Teague | US
Designed for a driver-less future, this new vision for the school bus offers door to door drop off for each child. After the school run, the bus can be used as a roving Amazon locker, Uber Eats deliverer or Meals on Wheels donation point; serving the neighbourhood while earning money for the school.
Household takeout: Despite current concerns around new uses of tech, these will diminish as Gen Z and Alpha come of age. In response brands will completely rethink physical assets, transforming them into service hubs with a broad offer.

Household is proud to announce its new partnership with MINI.
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77% pay more for brands with personalised services (Forrester, 2016)
Marriott x Samsung x Legrand | US
The futuristic IoT Guestroom Lab uses voice enabled tech to customise the hotel room to guests’ individual needs, from running a shower at an optimum temperature, to virtual yoga instruction. Successful elements from the three month lab will be implemented over the next five years, as hotels continue to compete with the rise of Airbnb.
Household takeout: Move beyond tech for tech’s sake and select genuinely useful features, enabling personalisation not just localisation. Ultimately, implementing smart home tech in a way that is in keeping with the brand will win custom.
Images courtesy of Teague, Joe Zimmerman and Unspun

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