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Freitag | Worldwide
Sustainable apparel brand want people to take their travel backpack with them on their latest trip, for free! Bags can be borrowed from June and will be recalled at the end of summer  when the customer can decide to purchase it for real. The brand simply asks that you share your travel snaps with #gonewithfreitag, creating a curated content source.
Household takeout: With rental services on the up brands that opt for access over ownership will win. This shareable campaign spreads product awareness driving customer buy-in.

Microsoft | Worldwide
The ‘Seeing AI’ app plans to revolutionise the lives of the visually impaired. The free app, which works with smart phones and smart glasses can read text, describe objects and even recognise faces and emotion, granting new independence and accessibility to those with disabilities.
Household takeout: Brands could capitalise on this new access changing technology by partnering with the app to alert new customers to store locations.

Nescafé | Canada
8.9% annual growth in self service tech, reaching $83.5bn by 2021 *Carmelon, 2016
The coffee brand Nescafé is ditching the baristas and poking fun at the rise of fancy coffee-culture with their ‘Coffee Taproom’. Customers gain access to this coffee shop without the fuss by scanning the barcode of their instant coffee sachet. Once in they then prepare their own coffee in cups with misspelt names where they are able to sit back and enjoy.
Household takeout: By removing the service element all focus is placed on re-evaluating the product, challenging quality preconceptions.

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