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What’s more convenient than a shop that comes to you? ‘Moby Mart’ is a portable store that customers can order to their own neighbourhood. It operates similarly to Amazon Go, allowing customer to go in, scan items on their phone and leave. Still in beta testing, Wheelys hope the design will be the future of the convenience store, where location becomes dependent on community demand.
Household takeout: Rethink location planning to provide convenient, local solutions with a community minded approach.

Nike’s latest brand experience is the antithesis of convenience, making customers earn their latest release. The bootcamp-style experience tests both mental and physical strength and on-completion, gives fans the chance to buy the $200 trainers. For those unable to participate the shoes will be available online, but only after passing numerous ‘digital dexterity’ tests.
Household takeout: Challenging your superfans’ brand dedication creates the ultimate covetable purchase and drives talkability.

62% would pay a premium for same day delivery. (Stuart, 2016)
Customer demands of delivery are rising, and Zalando is responding by trialling geo-aided deliveries, to get products to the customer, wherever they are. Customers can simply download an app, via which the courier tracks their location through the day, sending a notification just before they arrive at the customer’s location. Zalando are taking the next step in convenient delivery to target the bug bear of missed deliveries.
Household takeout: Customers are more willing to open up their lives to brands in return for smart and convenient solutions. Capitalise on this to gain valuable customer data and insight.

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