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Off White | US
The cult brand’s EM PTY GALLERY store merges contemporary art and fashion to generate customer interest. The plant filled space is decorated with work from up and coming artists, which is also available to purchase, ensuring that there is always something new to see.
Household takeout: Brands names are no longer enough to ensure customer loyalty. The trend for durability over fast fashion drives a desire for regularly refreshed cultural content to keep customers coming back.

Standard Hotels | US
The hotel chain has installed a public phone booth outside their Standard, High Line hotel, with a direct line to the US Capitol switchboard. The #RingYourRep initiative taps into current political discontent and encourages customers to share views with local representatives to achieve productive political action.
Household takeout: As people look to connect to a brand’s purpose, brands are tapping into political conversations to state their ground. However there is a fine line between hitting the mark and seeming disingenuous.

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our work with Loon Fung, one of London’s first Asian supermarkets, to reinvent the brand. The new identity consists of a sleek set of credentials, that expresses the new brand philosophy of ‘Far Eastern Food Made Simple’, making the best Asian food accessible to all.
The new store, launching soon, is designed to elevate Loon Fung’s cultural relevance,in light of the increasingly mainstream audience for Asian food, without alienating their already strong customer base.

Shine | Worldwide
77% don’t feel connected to any brand  *Retail Week, 2017
Facebook bot ‘Shine’ alleviates stressful situations with daily advice and uplifting messages. Chatbot interactions currently have a 20 per cent success rate. However as technology improves, successful chatbot message interactions are predicted to reach 93 per cent.
Household takeout: A rise in connectivity often results in fewer 1-2-1 connections. Although chatbots provide helpful time saving solutions, brands must consider which customer journeys will need a more human touch.

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