Celebrating diversity

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Coca Cola | Journey
A Brazilian phrase ‘This Coke is actually Fanta’ is used to question someone’s sexual orientation. In celebration of LGBTQ pride, Coca-Cola created Fanta-filled Coke cans bearing the message: ‘This coke is actually Fanta. So what?’. The internal campaign gained huge traction on social media by transforming a pejorative phrase into a powerful statement of diversity.
Household takeout: Combining humour and cultural pertinence reveals the power of brands to respond to trending cultural topics and have a positive impact.

Rudy’s | US
The Seattle barbershop has launched a ‘giveback’ programme supporting their ‘It Gets Better’ project. For every purchase of their ‘1-2-3 Showering System’, the shop will donate the same product to an LGBTQ youth homeless shelter. Rudy’s ‘giveback’ program is more than just a product it’s a philosophy, with haircuts offered to the homeless LGBTQ year-round.
Household takeout: People are quick to suss out when a company inauthentically co-opts a campaign. Ensuring a long-term inclusivity strategy demonstrates authenticity.

Soho House X Sydell Group | UK
93% top level London city jobs are currently held by men *Stylus, 2017
The recently opened hospitality destination, The Ned, is looking to move away from the male-oriented stigma of members clubs, ensuring gender-balanced membership. The space includes a hotel, several restaurants and bars as well as a spa, with feminist design influences throughout. The Vault features 100 pieces of artwork, 93 of which are of female artists, challenging the traditional male dominance in the city’s banking district.
Household takeout: Insight-driven design touches create impact and give staff a story to tell, engaging visitors and bringing to life the brand personality throughout a space.

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