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Panasonic | US
The Denver-based micro-city will be built with the smartest tech, responsive to real-time analytics on its users. From sustainable solar panels to roads optimised for autonomous cars, the city will demonstrate how Panasonic’s technology integrates into every aspect of everyday life.
Household takeout: When designing tech into retail environments, building in flex to accommodate future development will reduce the need for constant retrofitting.

HuisjeHuisje | Netherlands
This app helps young people find accommodation in a crowded rental market. The platform works like a dating app, with profiles built from home information, such as rental cost and number of bedrooms. Users that mutually ‘like’ one another’s residences can exchange personal information and swap homes.
Household takeout: People increasingly embrace hyper-visual decision making tools that gamify choice. Brands that simplify and enliven complex decision making processes can win the role of go-to provider.

Brand Strategy Director, Geoff Wilson, joined Adweek to discuss the secret of introducing tech into a retail environment successfully. Geoff emphasised that planning and training are key, as tech tools will simply gather dust if they are not implemented without the right commitment.
Brand suitability and customer need should inform tech adoption. Therefore, understanding a brand’s driving purpose, and how a piece of tech can help realise this, is paramount to choosing the right tech in each instance.

Aquaconnect | India
This Indian startup battles industry exploitation, empowering aqua farmers with knowledge of their product’s real-time market worth. Postcards are sent to farmers with limited connectivity, ensuring that even those in the most isolated areas are kept in the loop with information about market rates and export trends.
Household takeout: Whether digitally disconnected due to choice or circumstance, a small gesture can make a massive difference to accessibility. A truly civic brand shares the benefit of tech advances with all communities, using traditional analogue tools where necessary.

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