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Microsoft | Switzerland
Microsoft will relocate their Swiss headquarters to a new business and leisure district in Zurich airport, The Circle. The development and brand partnership will transform the airport into a meeting place where work, life and shopping unite.
Household takeout: Transforming threshold spaces into destinations will increase footfall and attract new customers. As this occurs, customer journey mapping will be of prime importance to cater to new types of customer missions.

Diesel | US
To reinvigorate interest in the brand, Diesel launched a counterfeit ‘Deisel’ store during New York Fashion Week. Located on Canal street, a notorious marketplace for counterfeit goods, the purposefully misspelt brand activation tapped in to the brand’s ‘Go With The Flaw’ campaign.
Household takeout: Product stories capture customers’ imaginations. Creating cultural moments can add value to items, tapping into the desire for exclusive experiences and something to show off.

CES 2018 highlighted that rather than tech for tech’s sake, new tech should be informed by brand purpose and answer a real customer need. Take Munich Airport and Lufthansa’s new humanoid robot assistant.
Munich Airport and Lufthansa’s new humanoid robot assistant opens up the world of travel possibilities to more customers by overcoming language barriers and engaging kids interactively. Compared to downloading an app, the robot simplifies quick access to airport information, but the smart-ness of the programming will be what makes or breaks this as a touchpoint.

Nike | UK
Full of attitude and optimism, the high energy spot captured the hearts and minds of Londoners. The viral ad combines an irreverent celebration of London youth and inclusive sports culture with an authentic representation of London street culture. For distribution across channels, the full advert is broken into bite size chunks of high impact content. The ad follows Nike’s real time investment in building an inclusive sports community in the UK capital.
Household takeout: City focused strategies risk alienating wider markets, nevertheless, authentic campaigns backed up with real community investment will truly resonate.
Images courtesy of The Circle, New York Times, Munich x Luftansa, Nike

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