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Ikea | US
This unorthodox back to school campaign taps into the Youtube trend ASMR (Auto Sensory Meridian Response) to advertise new dorm offerings. Aimed at college students, the 25 minute commercial involves sheet stroking and a soft voiceover to evoke tingling, relaxing sensations.
Household takeout: Get to know your target audience and what interests them. Create authentic content that customers can personally connect with to foster your customer base.

Toyota | Europe
Safe and Sound app encourages safe driving, allowing parents to monitor their children’s motoring habits. If the child breaks the speed limit, the app takes over the sound system and plays the parent’s embarrassing playlists until the driver slows down. Coinciding with the back to school season, the timely campaign taps into the parental concern of newly qualified drivers.
Household takeout: Whether or not the app itself will reduce irresponsible driving, this light hearted campaign drives talkability, raising awareness and building the brand’s point of view.

Aeon Mall | Japan
80% would switch stores or brands if offered a compelling promotion. (Market Track, 2017)
Japan’s Aeon Mall has identified pensioners as an overlooked group with spending power, referring to them as the ‘Golden Generation’. Seniors receive specialised offers ranging from free pick up and drop off to in-mall health consultations. They also receive a 5% discount on the 15th of each month, the same day that their pensions are released.
Household takeout: Use data intelligently to create personalised incentives, communicating relevant and timely offers. This will attract new customers and drive loyalty.

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