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Shinola | US
Customers could end up coming away with a more permanent purchase than planned at this LA flagship. The brand, usually known for its leather goods, is expanding with an in-store tattoo parlour. The brand is tapping into the trend of lifestyle oriented purchases by providing a unique mix of experiences to cater to customers’ desires.
Household takeout: Offering in depth and memorable activities creates a more involved experience, driving dwell time and building a lifelong customer-brand relationship.

Apple | US
Apple have received significant backlash in response to their recent announcement to re-brand their stores as ‘town centres’. With the trend towards privatisation of public space, it is no new thing for brands to position themselves as a community hub. From the rise of the mall as a gathering space, to cafes and co-working spaces becoming the new office.
Household takeout: As ‘community hubs’ continue to pop up, customers are quick to spot inauthentic action and spaces that serve only the brand’s purpose.

Household’s Strategy Director and Co-Founder, Michelle Du Prât, participated in a panel for The Retail Focus Podcast on the topic of shared ambition. The panel discussed how agencies and internal client teams can better collaborate in an omnichannel world, asking who is responsible for pushing for greater integration, what are the real-world costs of failing collaboration, and what are the benefits of getting it right? Look out for the podcast that will be launched next week over on The Retail Exchange.

60% growth of the sharing economy is predicted this year (PWC, 2017)
Peercel | Canada
This new delivery service looks to overcome the high cost of shipping international parcels with a community-powered alternative. Tapping into the sharing economy, the app to connect parcel-senders with frequent flyers. In a mutually beneficial agreement senders save money on delivery, whilst couriers receive remuneration for a journey already planned.
Household takeout: Brands can create valuable services by tapping into their existing communities. Facilitate smart connections, linking customers with matching needs and complementary resources.

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