Customising choice with data

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Vinome | US
Boutique wine delivery company uses DNA reading technology to scientifically pair wines to each unique palate. After completing the DNA test, carefully chosen wines are sent to the customer’s doorstep. Vinome uses data collected from customer ratings and reviews to further tailor the product selection to suit each customer’s tastes.
Household takeout: Constructive feedback means personalised offers can be continually perfected. Customers are willing to share intensely personal information if the pay off is right, but will want a guarentee of data privacy.

Burning Man Festival | US
Light installation puts attendees centre stage, broadcasting their movements, voices, heartbeats and brainwaves across the tree’s LED leaves. When individual participants sync up their movements, the seperate flocks of light merge into one large swarm.
Household takeout: In a culture obsessed with the self, customers want their individual identity be noticed. Brands can play a key role in personalising customer experience whilst shaping a group identity around the brand.

Next week, our Creative Director, Siu Lan, will be judging the ‘Retail Focus Readers’ Choice Award’. The award celebrates excellence and innovation in retail visual merchandising. The panel will judge all the window displays that have featured in the magazine over the last 12 months, whittling it down to 12 finalists from which the public will choose a winner. The winner will then be announced at the Visual Merchandising & Display Awards in November.

Amazon | US
39% say that social networks provide their main purchase inspiration (PWC, 2017)
A neural network harvests images and data, such as likes and comments on facebook, to monitor developing trends. The algorithm identifies the most popular styles and designs brand new items with a similar look, presenting the possibility to create on demand fashion in the latest trends.
Household takeout: Technological developments will create a battle to spot trends first and be the fastest to respond. Smaller companies will need to emphasise their human and bespoke qualities to compete with fast fashion.

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