Highlights from CES 2018

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L’Oréal | CES, Las Vegas
To capitalise on customers investing in wellbeing related tech, the L’Oréal’s UV Sense, the smallest UV sensor on the market, is designed to sit on the wearer’s fingernail. The wearable device monitors UV, pollen, humidity, temperature and air quality levels, conveying information to users via a corresponding app.
Household takeout: Brands are increasingly providing value added services, relevant to both their customer and their products, in order to be top of the mind for future purchases.

Amazon | CES, Las Vegas
Part of a custom-designed global fleet, the Household designed Treasure Truck arrived in Las Vegas for CES last week, following its recent launch in the UK. The truck combines a great experience at a great price as customers can enjoy product demonstrations and interactive games while they pick up the time-limited and unmissable deal of the day.
Household takeout: Time is the biggest currency in retail. Time bound deals increase perceived experience value, however customers still want the choice to grab and go, or dwell and engage.

Our Brand Strategy Director, Geoff Wilson, shared his reflections on CES with The Grocer. Geoff highlighted the dominance of digital assistants this year, but warned that retailers should be wary of adopting the tech while it is still in its ‘toy phase’. In the future, digital assistants may be sophisticated enough to offer meaningful and variable interactions each visit, but for now, retailers must pair data and tech tools with human intuition and emotional intelligence to set a new standard for customer service.

Millennials most likely to recommend retailers with immersive experiences (Campaign, 2017)
LG Electronics | CES, Las Vegas
The immersive installation, stretching 92 feet, gave CES visitors a one-of-a-kind experience to showcase the LG OLED TV’s commercial display technology. Albeit a simple concept on paper, the eye catching display of natural wonders stood out in an overcrowded market at the show.
Household takeout: Focus on experiences to give customers tangible examples of product benefits rather than relying on technical sales points that lack emotional weight.
Images courtesy of CES, Kyler Martz, Dezeen, Alex Wong, Gadget Flow and Pocket-Lint.

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