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Athletic apparel brand RYU create fitness, training and performance gear from athletes for athletes. Acknowledging the effects that training will have on an athlete’s build – either through muscle gain or weight loss, RYU have introduced an Up + Down Programme that enables members to minimise the cost of buying a new sports kit. Those who sign to the Athlete Member Programme are able to trade in their old workout clothes in exchange for a 50% discount on new gear that suits their new body shape.
Household takeout: Brands are forging continuing relationships with their customers, motivating them to start their goals and offering service beyond the point of sale.

Woom Center uses a state-of-the-art immersive sound system to augment its sensorial yoga and meditation sessions. All signature Woom experiences include elements of all five senses—sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste.  A custom-designed blend of essential oils stimulates the olfactory system and visual projections respond to the sound vibrations creating a 3D experience. Some segments of the sessions require guests to wear eye-masks to block stimuli and focus on the mind and soul.
Household takeout: Sensory experiences are becoming increasingly important to customers. Taking cues from the wellness industry to create truly immersive experiences can re-awaken your customers’ senses, leaving a lasting memory and encouraging them to come back for an experience that’s unique.

67% say that children aged 3–11 have considerable input or complete control of purchasing decisions. (Euromonitor, 2017)
Generation D – the first native digital generation – is the fastest-growing customer group in the world, according to Retail News Insider. Target has used this insight and collaborated with 10 young social media influencers to develop a range of clothing items and accessories for its ‘Art Class’ collection. Aimed at children aged between four and twelve, the collection is designed to be aesthetically appealing and fun to wear for the young customers and priced at a fair price point for parents.
Household takeout: Brands are recognising the growing influence of young, digital-natives. Establishing collaborative relationships with these customer groups at a young age ensures a relevant product offer and encourages brand preference.

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