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Barkbox | US
Monthly subscription service delivers a selection of treats to dogs (and their owners) encouraging social sharing of popular ‘unboxing’ videos. With over 500,000 subscribers, this user-generated content has been a success, and their latest campaign uses comedian-created-content to capitalise idiosyncrasies that dog lovers can relate to.
Household takeout: Humorous content that leverages emotional drivers has the potential to unite a community, whilst organically building brand popularity – and subscribers.

Screenshop | US
Kim Kardashian’s latest app uses visual recognition software to let users shop via screenshots. Customers can screenshot items they like on social media and the app will immediately direct them to the brand’s online shop, encouraging impulse purchases and providing instant gratification.
Household takeout: This convenient service has the potential to disrupt rapidly growing influencer culture, replacing small scale profit with a functional, convenient service.

Our latest boutique for Christian Louboutin has launched in Nagoya, Japan. The concept for the Nagoya Mitsukoshi boutique is inspired by the architecture of Paris. The layering textures and interlocking forms evoke the city’s geometric order, from the ‘lace and steel’ of the Eiffel Tower to the symmetry of the Galerie Vero Dodat. Customers are drawn in with a bold facade covered in red scalloped tiles reminiscent of feathers, while leafy details inject nature and bright colour with a touch of the exotic.

8 Secs – average attention span of Gen Z (The Drum, 2017)
Breve | US
IN THE NOW, NOT THE PAST This smart phone pushes back against constant curation, with a user dictated timeline that sets content to self destruct. The concept seeks to replicate the ephemerality of every day conversation in online communication and reflect the changing moods and identities users embrace throughout the day.
Household takeout: With a recent backlash against overly curated content, customers crave the freedom to live in the moment. Help customers prioritise what matters with products or services that simplify their overloaded lives.
Images courtesy of Buster40k, Adweek, Breve and Vogue

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