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Bird Street | UK
A London ‘smart street’ is reimagining the shopping street of the future. Not-seen-before brands temporarily pop up to ensure the offer is constantly refreshed. A connected pavement by Pavegen powers lighting and bird sounds with each shopper’s footstep, also recording footfall data. Smart Airlite paint and a ‘CleanAir’ bench purify the air to encourage dwell time.
Household takeout: The landlord’s investment in eco-conscious design pays off – not just for PR buzz, but to attract breakthrough brands also investing in developing a smarter retail experience.

Net-a-Porter | UK
With many retailers betting on smart mirrors, Net-a-Porter is bypassing the bandwagon rolling out their “You Try, We Wait” service. Responding to the shopper desire to physically try clothes on, ‘butlers’ deliver a selection of clothes and wait for shoppers to try them on, taking back unwanted items. This service is only available to the brand’s top 2 per cent of spenders, who account for 40 per cent of in-season sales.
Household takeout: Identify big-spend customers and provide them with a convenient yet personal service to go above and beyond, driving loyalty and spend in return.

Three Square Market | US
1 in 10 non-cash payments will be made by alternative methods by 2020 (AT Kearney, 2017)
A US tech company wants to implant microchips into their employees’ hands and have had a surprisingly successful turn out! 50 out of 80 employees have opted in to have the RFID-compatible microchip installed, allowing them to unlock doors, login to computers and make purchases at the office store. Those that do not opt in can use a removable RFID ring instead.
Household takeout: In-body implants are the next step in frictionless payments and a potentially dystopian future. Continually building trust will be essential for brands to win in the future.

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