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Lighthouse | US
What happens when you leave the house is no longer a mystery. This device can distinguish friends from strangers, notify home owners about goings on and more. In response to customer feedback the device was tailored to allow children to send videos to parents’ phones with the wave of a hand.
Household takeout: Advances in tech opens up the possibility to recognise shopper patterns and optimise retail marketing to drive higher footfall rates.

Sony Music | Japan
Fans of Japanese rock band Crossfaith, can unlock exclusive access to the band’s latest single by headbanging over webcam. When the motion stops, so does the music, keeping viewers engaged for longer and creating a more immersive experience.
Household takeout: An immersive experience that brings to life how a product is intended to be enjoyed, allows fans to feel more connected to the brand and its wider community.

LinkedIn | Worldwide
63% think more positively of brands that provide valuable, interesting or relevant content *RaptMedia, 2017
The professional social network has introduced a new feature to link mentors with members who are looking for career advice. The Tinder-esque interface lets members swipe through LinkedIn-selected mentors to find a mentor/mentee match.
Household takeout: People are looking for brands to offer guidance and support in meeting their personal goals. This new service uses an on-trend interface to increase adoption rate and facilitate easy use and access.

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