Owning a location

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KLM | The Netherlands
The Netherland’s-based airline has launched an electronic luggage tag, voiced by their very own flight attendants. It uses GPS to provide timely tips and tricks as travellers explore Amsterdam, such as an average taxi fare from the airport. The Care Tag, which has already sold out, extends the KLM experience beyond the airport to the whole trip.
Household takeout: KLM benefits by capturing traveller footfall and dwell time data. There’s an opportunity to evolve the tag as a loyalty tool, with exclusive promotions from local businesses.

Lonely Planet | Worldwide
The travel company is moving from content creation to content curation with their new app, Trips. It builds on their legacy of travel guide books, which still sell more every year that they did the year before. Any user can post an account of their latest adventure, with autonomy over their post structure and creating a sense of ownership of that place.
Household takeout: As user generated content becomes more popular, brands can drive engagement with people-powered platforms.

Birkenstock | Worldwide
+ 52% website traffic from local customers when a new store opens.
(British Land, 2017)
Kicking off in their native Germany, this pop-up store is touring the globe. Limited edition products are displayed beside guest brands in purpose-built shipping containers. At each new location, the store’s design is reinvented to reflect the city’s nuances. By teaming up with forward-thinking brands, Birkenstock are curating a locally relevant, lifestyle offer.
Household takeout: Constantly changing the offer adds must-see excitement and encourages brand reappraisal, while location based personalisation forges connections with local customers.

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