Premiumisation in Japan

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Neutral Works is a new 360 degree hybrid concept store, encompassing working out, nutrition, recovery services and educational workshops. Customers can purchase workout gear, access a gym, eat and train in unique spaces with specific goals in mind such as ‘concentration’, ‘reboot’ and many more. The space is seen as a remedy hub to help customers achieve a neutral body-mind state, and even has an oxygen chamber completing its suite of wellbeing services.
Household takeout:
By creating a 360 wellbeing hub, the brand positions itself as an expert, tailoring bespoke wellbeing programmes to individuals. A holistic approach links products and services across categories, to serve customers’ needs and goals.

The ‘First Cabin Hotel’ is rethinking the capsule hotel. The Japanese hotel chain is built to look like a first class airplane cabin, representing a minimalist compact living space in a luxurious form. The reception area is made to look like an airport business class lounge, and hotel guests also have access to shared facilities such as showers and lavatories, alongside a 24 hour public spa area with Japanese-style hot tubs.
Household takeout:
Combining tiny rooms and larger communal spaces encourages guest interaction and community building, relevant to the single-traveller. Familiar airline design cues set guests at ease, prompting socially-conscious behaviours.

Premiumisation is showing the strongest growth in retail* (Forbes & Nielsen, 2016)
Between 2012 and 2014, the premium segment grew 21 per cent in Southeast Asia, more than double the rate of the mainstream and value tiers. Responding to the desire for a taste of the good life, Vegeo Vegeco is a new luxury grocery store. It began as an e-commerce offer with subscription boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables available to order. Their first brickand- mortar store allows customers to pick up vegetables in a stylish environment, with plans to become a larger chain. The store has only enough room for a handful of customers, with space dedicated to heroing the fresh, local produce.
Household takeout:
Vegeo Vegeco has distinguished itself as a premium, serviced option in a saturated market. As premiumisationfilters down to every category, consider how to elevate your product offer to gain a share of the growing market.

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