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Lowes are using augmented reality to help customers navigate the store. Their new app analyses the customer’s shopping list and plans the most efficient route through store. A yellow path overlays the real-time store layout captured on the phone’s camera. After customers collect all items required, the nearest checkout is shown.
Household takeout: Customers expect large and small formats to be easy to shop and navigate, where personalised navigation maximises the customer’s time in store and makes large stores feel less hard work. Implement this tech into your app to reap the rewards of an optimised customer journey.

Chinese startup BingoBox have opened a staff-less store powered by the messaging app WeChat, where customers self-checkout through the WeChat platform. Customers enter with a QR code and on exit ‘virtual tagging’ ensures customers only leave with the items they have paid for. The miniature 15sq m unit includes fold out wheels and a self-lifting system making it easily moved to any location.
Household takeout: BingoBox illustrates the power of using social platform data to vet customers to trial new innovative formats. A compact and portable retail format gives brands flexibility to land a convenience store in hot-spot locations and benefit from high traffic around events.

57% are willing to try grocery home delivery. (Nielsen, 2017).
There is significant room for growth within grocery delivery with only 28 per cent of people having already used the service. Kroger is trialling a new grocery delivery service, partnering with Uber to get groceries from store to customers’ homes. The grocer already offers a same-day click and collect service called ‘ClickList’, however the partnership with Uber aims to solve the last mile problem of this service. This is one of many home delivery methods Kroger are testing however analysts have criticised the functionality of this asking “Does Uber have a special refrigerated van?”.
Household takeout: With grocery delivery on the rise, retailers are looking for efficient routes to trial. Avoid innovation for the sake of it and ensure the customer experience delights rather than disappoints, with products delivered in an impeccable state.

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