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This new immersive restaurant looks to give diners a unique experience by unleashing a ‘scenic world’ inspired by the beauty of Japan and the dish’s ingredients. When the dishes are served projections seem to ‘grow’ out from the plates, filling the room and even reacting to diners’ behaviour. The restaurant creates an exclusive appeal by only serving only eight guests a day enhancing the feeling of a one-of-a-kind experience.
Household takeout: This multi-sensory experience tells the rich story behind each dish, playing with customer’s imagination and increasing the perceived value by creating an experience that can not be replicated.

Innovation by Space NK is the beauty brand’s latest concept store that acts as a testing bed for new products and ranges. The space showcases new launches with unique VM displays and a specially curated ‘The Edit’ area, inspired by the latest social media beauty trends and buzz words. The space caters to customers who want to be the first to not just buy, but to try the latest products with in-store treatments available.
Household takeout: Inspiring displays encourage customers to ‘get-the-look’ and test out new combinations led by trend-focused recommendations. Hero-ing your latest releases makes in-store the place to be for brand-fanatics.

92% who tried it said they would use a visual search app again. (Hammerson, 2017)
Shopping centre Hammerson are acknowledging the fact that customers already use their phones to search items whilst shopping with their new app ’FindSimilar’. It helps customers find exact or similar products as they shop using AI image recognition and visual search technology. Shoppers can either take photos then and there or upload existing images to find their desired products. The app even provides a map to lead customers to the store and location of their chosen item.
Household takeout: Transform inspiration into purchases with smart technology that encourages new brand-discovery and customer exploration into stores that they may not have considered before.

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