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Dapper Dan x Gucci | US
After a complex history of emulation and appropriation, Dapper Dan and Gucci are joining forces to create an A/W capsule creation and a studio atelier in Harlem, paying homage to Dapper Dan’s original boutique. Gucci will give the designer full access to their fabrics for his bespoke creations.
Household takeout:Beyond physical spaces, brands can tap into the social consciousness to transform negative incidents into culturally relevant, positive messages.

Ford x Alibaba | US
A fancy Ford catches your eye – scan the car with Alibaba’s Taobao app and the model is yours for a three day test drive. The scheme  uses facial recognition to release cars from vending machine and offers customers immediate purchase if desired, aiming to revive online car sales via try-before-you-buy.
Household takeout: Increased access, helps convince customers to make big ticket purchases. Brands can increase their reach through smart and convenient partnerships in growing markets.

Michelle Du-Prât joined Retail Focus’ podcast, The Retail Exchange, to discuss how agencies can work together to achieve the common goal of retail success.
Michelle explained how openness, transparency and honesty are essential for successful collaboration, and discussed Household’s use of the emotiveyeTM app to collaborate with customers to solve problems and enhance customer journeys. As Michelle emphasised, “you can’t deny the truth of the customer”.

One Market | UK & US
56% willing to share data for a faster more convenient service. (Salesforce 2017)
Retail technology network connects brands and their isolated databases, to create a streamlined shopping service. The network uses the digital tool set of online retailers like Amazon and translates this for a physical retail environment to record customer behaviour and help brands better understand their customers.
Household takeout: No retailer is an island – taking an open minded stance to strategic collaborations with competitors can create a win-win outcome for all parties.
Images courtesy of Gucci, Ford, The Retail Exchange and Westfield

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