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Away | US
Direct to customer luggage brand offers sleek charging point equipped suitcases. The flagship takes the location into account and stocks a carefully selected edit of travel goods from partner brands to invite a personal sense of discovery. Social media is key to the lifestyle brand’s cult following and weekly actionable insights ensure that customers are kept at the brand’s centre.
Household takeout: Away successfully take their unique attitude to travel into a stress free retail experience and prioritise this over excessive assortment or communication.

Fred Segal | US
The tactile department store, set up as a series of connected boutiques, flexes to the needs of brands showcased. A quirky cafe is open next door and a boutique boxing studio will open next year. Exclusive product collaborations and the use of the brand marque and colours in the architecture root the space in the Fred Segal identity.
Household takeout: Flexible pop-ups allow for a constantly evolving offer, set within a design language and space that has the permanence of a true brand home.

Bricks-and-mortar stores are seeking meaning beyond the instant shopping experience. As Experience Strategy Director Sian Novakovic explained to Design Curial, the transaction of buying a product is only a small part of the customer-brand relationship.
Nordstrom Local’s inventory-less store amplifies the service experience, offering customers a personalised space to test products. Services available include on-site tailoring, beauty treatments and the expertise of personal stylists in a fun, all-about-you environment.

Med Men | US
$50bn: Estimated size of Cannabis industry by 2026 (Cowen & Co, 2018)
The service focused store presents marijuana as a lifestyle enhancer, with products like cannabis infused gummy bars and granola bars. Customers can browse product information on iPads and then get orders personally weighed out by staff. High levels of service, knowledgeable staff and a slick store space create a inviting environment for discovery.
Household takeout:
When walking the fine line between medicine and pleasure, hiring true brand ambassadors as staff and focusing on empowering service will overcome knowledge gaps and perception barriers to purchase.
Images courtesy of Away and Household.

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