The dangers and delights of data

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Mozilla & Tactile Tech | UK
The art gallery style space uncovers the world of data behind our screens, raising awareness of its potentially exploitative power. Non-profit internet browser provider, Mozilla, uses the space to make the intangible idea of data understandable for a broad audience. Visitors are invited to identify and reduce their own digital footprint at the Data Detox Bar.
Household takeout: Branded experiences that engage and inform customers can raise awareness of brand mission and values in a way that feels genuine and not forced.

Warby Parker | US
Quick off the mark, the eye wear retailer has already integrated the iPhone X’s face mapping tech into their app. The app digitally maps customers’ faces, then analyses and recommends glasses to suit. This compliments the brand’s ‘Home-Try-On’ scheme, allowing a largely e-commerce brand to give customers highly personalised advice and customer care.
Household takeout: Brands often benefit from the halo-effect of the latest tech. These associations can be used to intentionally position the brand with a specific or aspirational target customer.

Data generated by customers, from purchase history and location information to shopping history and customer profiles, are key to creating an optimised store experience. Household’s Co-Founder and Strategy Director, Michelle Du- Prât joined four other experts in the field to discuss data’s role in retail today. ‘Data at its best should help retailers offer their customers more of what they want and a better human connection,’ Michelle told BW Confidential, ‘as well as a certain amount of unpredictability to keep it exciting.’

Data-driven changes increased revenue per sq ft 20% (Fast Company, 2017)
Cava | US
Fast casual chain Cava has nearly doubled in size in the last 12 months, attributing its success to data informed design. Now Cava is launching a data-driven loyalty scheme to learn from customers’ orders and tailor offers to their preferences. These personalised offers extend beyond the restaurant experience, to include branded goods in grocery stores, growing the brand’s reach to new areas of customers’ lives in the process.
Household takeout: Be proactive in data collection to drive this value back into the business. Brands who not only realise the power of data but take action on this will reap the benefits.
Images courtesy of Cava, David Mirzoeff, Mozilla, Imore and BW Condidential

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