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Patagonia | US
A new online store allows customers to buy and trade in second hand Patagonia items. Products are described as ‘better than new’ making the environmental benefits clear, whilst customer testimonials deliver quality reassurance. The site creates a year round offer from previous Worn Wear pop-ups, pioneering a new mindset and creating a currency around used-clothing.
Household takeout: By creating a permanent home for campaigns online brands can give longevity to a culturally-relevant idea, whilst driving loyalty and storytelling.

Nike | Global
As part of Nike’s partnership with the NBA they have created a connected basketball jersey that gives wearers access to exclusive content about their favourite player. Wearers hold their phones against the jersey’s jocktag, using NFC technology to open up the NikeConnect app and access player playlists, real time scoring and location-based game-day offers.
Household takeout: Superfans will jump at the chance to access exclusive moments from a brand’s world and are willing to hand over their data to do so.

At Household, trust is one of the key forces we see impacting and changing people’s lives, now and in the future. It was great to hear from a panel of thought leaders on the topic at Stir’s recent event on ‘Building Consumer Trust’. The central discussion topic was how brands rebuild trust after a scandal, from Uber to Ryanair. The desire for trusted brands certainly isn’t going away, but trust is being re-thought and given a new cultural relevance.
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89% of sales still touch a physical store (Verdict, 2017)
Square | US
The payment processor’s first flagship location takes e-services into the physical world. The showroom creates a physical touchpoint for existing business clients to receive tech support from the brand, as well as a space for new customers to test out products. A selection of products by Square’s clients, many of whom are independent designers are also sold in the space.
Household takeout: By investing in space to support customers brands can play a bigger role throughout product life, extending the relationship, and driving additional purchases.

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