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Essence Cuisine | UK
This vegan restaurant juxtaposes vibrant and flavourful dishes with a minimalist interior. The concrete and aluminium finish, lend an overall masculine tone to the space, distinctive from many other vegan restaurants. Open for meals throughout the day, the menu includes beautifully plated dishes from scrambled chickpeas, to tomato lasagne.
Household takeout: An alternative design language will distinguish a brand in an increasingly crowded market, and broaden a niche offer to appeal to a wider customer base.

Amazon | Tokyo
Amazon will launch their first hospitality offering to promote alcoholic drinks sold on its Japanese site. The pop-up will feature exclusive samples and open up access to brands from across the world. Instead of menus, the bar will feature a digital ordering system to suggest drinks to customers whilst expert sommeliers will also be on hand to offer advice.
Household takeout: In-person opportunities to trial new and exclusive products encourages experimentation, in turn increasing customer buy-in and leading to repeat purchases.

Following the launch of our latest hotel experience, Another Place, The Lake, the Householders escaped the city smoke and headed north to enjoy the finished hotel and soak up Lake Ullswater’s famous views.
Eager to embrace the brand philosophy of ‘active relaxation’, we made the most of the rural retreat with muddy lakeside walks, afternoon drinks on the terrace, and hours spent lounging in The Swim Club’s hot tub and infinity pool. We even hit the Lake bright and early, for a crash course in paddle boarding.

No 1 customer unifier is a desire for dinner to be easier (SunBasket, 2016)
IKEA | Sweden
Swedish home-ware giant are trialling a more convenient approach to kitchen shopping, with an inner city vending machine and shop. The machine sells kitchenware but is primarily used to direct passers-by to the nearby pop up. The pop up showcases seven IKEA kitchen-sets, has booths for consultations and online ordering as well as a co-creation area where customers can mix and match fittings and finishes.
Household takeout: Utilise touchpoints in high footfall locations to capture customer attention, before leading them onto a more extensive and experiential offer.

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